Sukkary Dates 300g


Sukkary Dates  (300 g) distinctive taste and high quality

A natural product, free from preservatives, to enjoy a wonderful taste and a delicious sweet flavor enriched with useful nutrients

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About this product

Sukkary Dates Packed In A Luxury Cartons Container Weighing (300 g) Protected

Sukkary Dates Is One Of The Types Of Dates, Which Is Known For Its Delicious Sweet Taste, High Quality And Useful Health Food. Sukkary Dates Is A High-Energy Source Of Fiber, Natural Sugars, Vitamins And Minerals It Enhances The Immune System, Improves Weight, Strengthens Bones And Teeth And Prepares Healthy Nourishment Dates Are A Snack That Is Recommended Every Day To Extend The Body With Essential Elements And Can Be Taken When Needed To Ward Off Hunger Can Be Saved For More Than A Year While Retaining All Their Properties.

Eating 3-5 of dates every day provides you with the necessary ingredients of the fiber, vitamins and minerals you need to maintain your health.


Data sheet

Weight : 300 g
Type : Medium
Box Type : Cartons

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